Tuesday, April 3, 2012

I'm going to be Taking a Photography Class!


Anyone who knows me knows that I LOVE to take photos! Love, love, love. It would be amazing to pursue a career in it but the practical girl in me has always brushed off the idea of making my artsy endevours into my job. I have always wanted to take a photography class but have never found one at any of the local colleges I attend that would fit into my hectic schedule! Well lately while browsing two of my favorite Blogs The Dainty Squid and A Beautiful Mess (both can be found in my CLICK PLEASE! section) I happened across a lovely girl who offers online courses! I've had my DSLR for about a year now and still have yet to learn how to shoot in manual. Tragic I know...

So I've taken the leap and signed up for the course! I am super excited to learn new skills and I even have my first gig in June! A great friend of mine is getting married and she wasn't planning on having a photographer (too expensive) so I told her I would love to play around and take photos for them! Super Exciting! If anyone is interested in a photography course the website is Bella POP! You can find it on the right. I'll post pictures soon!

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