Saturday, September 4, 2010

The Going's On

Ah! I wish I had more time to keep up with this blog... Anywho. Let us see. Since my last post I received my fancy schmancy typewriter!!! Boy had I forgotten how tricky these things are. It's funny how you get so used to something like typing on a computer which really, lets face it, makes it much too easy on us and requires no brain power compared to the quirkiness of a typewriter. I'm having fun getting to know it though.

I have received A LOT of mail recently!!! At least a lot for me. Between post crossing and pen paling and Twilight Mom card exchanges I have quite a full little mail box sitting on my much loved desk.

I found some great buys this week in the stationery obsession department. First Pride and Prejudice and Zombie postcards!!! There are thirty in all with fifteen designs, which is great because then I can actually use half of them... I also found vintage Marvel Comic postcards, one hundred for twenty cents a piece! Along with Greetings from the Onion and Greetings from the Oceans Sweaty Face postcards. I have to admit I am not quite sure what the ocean ones are... But I am excited for the suprise!!! So I have managed to acquire 330 new postcards this week? Sheesh.