Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Where has all the Time Gone?!

I don't have any time for anything!!! My blog which I would absolutely love to be extremely popular and actually have some followers has been sadly neglected... Which is detrimental because my favorite blogs are the ones that are updated almost on a daily basis. Ps. Check out my Click Here links. I've added new blogs that I stalk.

So. I was convinced by my dear husband that it was time to downsize some of my large stationery and paper collection. I couldn't bear to see any of it in the bin as it would have been a terrible waste so I put together ten parcels worth and mailed them off! So far I have two confirmations of delivery. My friend Michelle who is local and my favorite blogger Bianca who is in Australia. I figure that means all of my other packages have also been received!!! My mailbox has been sadly empty these last two months since my life has gotten increasingly hectic since school started and I haven't had any time for mail fun... I did order this great little mail zine from Bianca over at Goodnight Little Spoon and it is the neatest thing!!! If you ever stop by and read this Bianca A big THANKS!

Now for some Stationery obsession news. I have fallen in love with a new shop I recently discovered whilst my little brother Danny was in town last month. It is called the Paper Source and it has so much fun papery goodies that I could peruse its shelves for hours. I snatched up a cupcake shop themed stationery set and some brilliant paper doll note cards!!! Recently I have also acquired a couple of interesting little postcard sets one being reprinted vintage ads as well as some glossy paged comic books that I can not wait to find the time to make something with. One happens to be a Pride and Prejudice comic. How amazing is that?

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