Tuesday, November 23, 2010

It's Been So Long!

Well, thanks in part to insane work stress, the ending of my first semester at CSUCI and malaria (or a severe throat infection). Sadly my blog and daily mailings have suffered!!! But. I have a four day weekend including turkey day and school is over for a bit soon! Alas I shall have more time for me. Here are a few emergency postcards I put together to send out!

I just had a great idea for the next Twilight Moms exchange. It's a gift exchange and I am going to combine my love for making gifts and my love for stationery. I am going to make Twilight post cards!!! And jewelry. Isn't that fantastic? I'm excited.

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Friday, November 19, 2010

Anxiety and Mail

Strange. For some reason as my left thumb hits my iphone keys it tingles... Anywho. So I am anxious! It's already dark and I am home alone and it feels much later than it actually is. I feel my day slipping away. I am also anxious for the uploading of Hillywoods new Eclipse Parody!!! I keep checking and being disappointed. Yes, I am aware that I am a dork. As for mail I am on track for my Letter a Day attempt. This is day three and fours missives.

This is the pretty little piece I sent my friend Unchie. It is part of the stationery kit I bought from Paper Cuts Etsy shop!!!

On a very happy note another one of my paper parcels delivery has been confirmed!!! Samara from Letter Lover posted a lovely thank you on her blog to me! I was so excited when I did my weekly check on her blog to find it!!!

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Monday, November 8, 2010

Just a quickie!!!

Haha. So day one for my mail challenge went off without a hitch. I was in Trader Joes the other evening and saw my bestie Fancy Nancy's favorite candy, Gummy Tummies. They are gummy penguins with tummies filled with juicy, fruity goo. So I slapped a label and some stamps and sent them on their way.

The second letter is to a Twimom who was forgotten in Octobers' exchange and I am valiantly stepping in and sending her a late one. I love doing stuff like this!!! I hope it makes them feel as warm and fuzzy as it does me.

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Friday, November 5, 2010

Tomorrow is Tomorrow

I am going to start my daily letter experiment first thing tomorrow. I have already compiled a list of about forty recipients! This should be fun. I think it will also be a lot of work but I look forward to the challenge and the distraction.

On another mail note I received an amazing homemade postcard from my bestie Michelle who never writes me back. But I forgive her because it is the best postcard I have yet to receive!!!

Finally, on my drive home this evening I managed to take a pretty picture of the sunset and after a little photo magic I think I want to print a few for postcards! Hmmm...

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Wednesday, November 3, 2010

A New Project

So. I have a new project. Which will hopefully not only bring joy to others but also bring interesting mail to my mailbox!

The premise is pretty self explanatory but I will attempt to write and mail a letter a day to any and all recipients I can think of!!! If anyone is interested on receiving one just email me your address.


I don't have an end date or time frame so we shall see. I think I want to do it until I complete my personal task of downsizing the amount of space I take up on this planet. So, at least through the new year.

I will post pictures of letters sent and received. Maybe I'll even make a zine after I'm done that people can have. Super exciting!!!

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Ramblings of A Bored Student

I am currently sitting in my Major British Authors English Lit Class deciding whether or not I feel like paying attention... How amazing is it that I can blog from my phone, in class!!! (sigh) technology. I am thoroughly disappointed in the fact that my new day planner doesn't begin until the first of January... I still have to decide if I want to use the Wizard of Oz one or the 50's housewife one. Decisions, decisions. Blah. Ok it's time to
join the class discussion!

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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Where has all the Time Gone?!

I don't have any time for anything!!! My blog which I would absolutely love to be extremely popular and actually have some followers has been sadly neglected... Which is detrimental because my favorite blogs are the ones that are updated almost on a daily basis. Ps. Check out my Click Here links. I've added new blogs that I stalk.

So. I was convinced by my dear husband that it was time to downsize some of my large stationery and paper collection. I couldn't bear to see any of it in the bin as it would have been a terrible waste so I put together ten parcels worth and mailed them off! So far I have two confirmations of delivery. My friend Michelle who is local and my favorite blogger Bianca who is in Australia. I figure that means all of my other packages have also been received!!! My mailbox has been sadly empty these last two months since my life has gotten increasingly hectic since school started and I haven't had any time for mail fun... I did order this great little mail zine from Bianca over at Goodnight Little Spoon and it is the neatest thing!!! If you ever stop by and read this Bianca A big THANKS!

Now for some Stationery obsession news. I have fallen in love with a new shop I recently discovered whilst my little brother Danny was in town last month. It is called the Paper Source and it has so much fun papery goodies that I could peruse its shelves for hours. I snatched up a cupcake shop themed stationery set and some brilliant paper doll note cards!!! Recently I have also acquired a couple of interesting little postcard sets one being reprinted vintage ads as well as some glossy paged comic books that I can not wait to find the time to make something with. One happens to be a Pride and Prejudice comic. How amazing is that?

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Saturday, September 4, 2010

The Going's On

Ah! I wish I had more time to keep up with this blog... Anywho. Let us see. Since my last post I received my fancy schmancy typewriter!!! Boy had I forgotten how tricky these things are. It's funny how you get so used to something like typing on a computer which really, lets face it, makes it much too easy on us and requires no brain power compared to the quirkiness of a typewriter. I'm having fun getting to know it though.

I have received A LOT of mail recently!!! At least a lot for me. Between post crossing and pen paling and Twilight Mom card exchanges I have quite a full little mail box sitting on my much loved desk.

I found some great buys this week in the stationery obsession department. First Pride and Prejudice and Zombie postcards!!! There are thirty in all with fifteen designs, which is great because then I can actually use half of them... I also found vintage Marvel Comic postcards, one hundred for twenty cents a piece! Along with Greetings from the Onion and Greetings from the Oceans Sweaty Face postcards. I have to admit I am not quite sure what the ocean ones are... But I am excited for the suprise!!! So I have managed to acquire 330 new postcards this week? Sheesh.

Sunday, August 22, 2010

It's a Sign!

So, this very evening as I sat browsing the plethora of mail art online I was reminded of my love for typewriters.

My grandmother had one and if my memory is correct it was one of those old models that was a pale green and was "portable" though it took up an entire suitcase and you needed a pack mule and a cowboy to haul it for you.

I always admired this typewriter. My favorite game was to play office. My grandmother had this big old heavy desk that I would spend hours at reorganizing my desk tools, paper, pens, etc. Little did I know that this game would turn into a mail/stationery obsession. I loved the way the typewriter sounded, so loud and mechanical, almost foreboding but strangely relaxing. I also liked the quirky little errors that were special to just that machine. I loved that when you made errors you could fix them but they were never really gone, they always made their "once upon a time" presence known.

Sorry. I almost forgot my point! So this evening I decided that with all my "one dollar bill hoarding riches" I would purchase myself a portable typewriter. I mentioned my grand plan to my dear husband and let's just say he wasn't enthusiastic. He thinks I'll tire of it quickly and that it can't do anything my laptop can. Except, print on the go. And it can because it is portable and ways a mere ten pounds (sadly no cowboy needed) which is less than the laptop I bought after high school. Back to the sign. I was putting a letter together and pulled a random sheet of ephemera ads to use as decoration. I started to cut apart said ads and realize that the page I grabbed from the 200 page stack was an advertisement for vintage typewriters!!! What are the odds???

Therefore I am currently not so patiently waiting for the arrival of my "fancy schmancy oh so portable" typewriter which should arrive on my doorstep this very next Wednesday!!! Can you tell I am excited? It isn't vintage like I would have loved but I just didn't want to deal with the heartbreak of finding one that ended up not working or one that you could no longer fix or find supplies for. So it is a shiny modern one instead. I wont hold it against it though...

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Yesterdays Mailings Todays Arrivals

So, recently I have been sending quite a lot of mail. And while I haven't received as much back as I have sent I have received more than ever before! Yesterday I sent out two postcrossing postcards. One to the Netherlands and one to Finland. I also sent out my request to the LWA for an aerogramme. An aerogramme is an airmail letter written on a single sheet of lightweight paper that folds up to form an envelope. It was originally used because it was cheaper to send overseas during the war. It is basically what we call fold and mail these days which is still a little rare. I myself am the very proud owner of Star Trek fold and mail stationery!

I have also recently mailed out my very first letter to my very first pen pal! We shall see how that goes. I requested the pen pal through the LWA so I am very excited to hear back. I basically just chatted a bit about myself. What else would you write about to a stranger? The letter is very neat looking. I lifted this passport book from the Chumash Casino that had little advertisements in it. I removed the adds and replaced them with the writing paper for my letter. I wonder what she will think when she opens the envelope? She doesn't know I have been given her address for a pen pal and I am sure she isn't expecting a letter like the one I have sent!

Today to my pleasant surprise I received not one but two cards from my Twilight Mom's card exchange. Both were very well done and I was very happy to have received them! Gosh... Sadly I am not expecting too much more via snail mail in these next few days. I suppose I will have to be even more proactive with mailing to others because I recently read that you have to send mail to receive mail!!!

P.S. I have also "started" getting my Christmas cards together. Yes it is still August but you see every year I have grand visions of sending out these amazing cards filled with "sugarplums" and what happens? Well, just ask the good people in my life if they have ever received a Christmas greeting from me in the mail... Shameful, I know.

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Ramblings about my new iPhone 4, Bass Lake and MAIL!!!

First of all I love my new phone. If anyone is considering buying one I highly recommend it!!! The camera is amazing, the screen a thing of beauty.

Bass Lake was beautiful as usual though a lot more work and less relaxation this time around with the little one. I wouldn't trade it for anything though.

Well I have officially kept the postcard business booming in the Sierra National Forrest. I purchased thirty-eight standard cards, three panoramic and five wooden ones. I have to say that I am very excited about sending wooden postcards!!! I have also been very diligent with my Post-crossing endeavor. I have once again reached my allotment for now and currently have five postcards travelling the world in search of their recipient.

My TM card exchange for August is also going well. Three out of my four recipients have already messaged back with many thanks and Twilight love. I have received one so far and am eagerly awaiting my other three! Whose ever idea it was to start a card exchange was a genius. It is now something I eagerly await for.

I officially became a member of the LWA (Letter writers Alliance). Upon my arrival home from vacation I found my membership card in the mail. And what a cute package!!! I also received an official LWA badge.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010


I feel empty, and raw... I have just wiped my iPhone 3G clean in preparation for the arrival of my iPhone 4 tomorrow. My husband will be inheriting my "old" phone. Here it sits next to me, empty and impersonal. I feel a strange loss.

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Todays Mailings!

Today was a very productive mail day. I have just sent off four TM card exchange packages and a letter to Kathy. Hope they reach their destinations! I have so many other ideas for mail later this week... Can't wait to get started!

Good Day Mail

Searching for Epherma about a week ago I stumbled across an amazing book called "Good Day Mail". Other people love weird and beautiful mail as much or possibly even more than I do!!! It had so many highly interesting and unique ideas that I have since collected many more addresses to be my experimental recipients. I have also created an on the go mail art kit. It's full of some of my favorite stationery and supplies to make found treasures into post while I am out and about. Happy mailing!

I Love Mail

You see the post truck down the street. You get a little happy increase to your heart rate. "Does he have my package?" "Did someone reply to one of my many weird and wonderful mailings?" This is how I feel everyday that I am home.

I love to track packages. I love being able to see the exact time stamped journey that my much awaited package is taking. I like to guess how quickly I will receive it. I find joy in the fact that I can watch it creep closer and closer to it's final destination, my mailbox.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010


i am all of the versions of me

i am a romantic and hopeless

i yearn for the world

i imagine that i live in another time

i am a traveler of the imagination

i am all of the versions of me

i am a lover of the cold and the gloom

i am a woman lost in the dreams of a child

i wait with baited breath for my future

i dream of travels i have not gone on

I am a lover of language

I am all of the versions of me

i am frightened while hopefull

i am all and nothing of what i yearn to be

i love the hours that i still posess

i regret time that has been lost

i am young and old

i am all of the versions of me

i am a devourer of books

i am a woman trapped in the wrong century

i have an old soul

i long for those i have lost

i am at times wreckless with abandon

i am all of the versions of me


The wind sounds mythical and dark
It whooshes and weaves
Wind and rain are assailing and present
The wind screams in and about then leaves
Only the rain to be heard for a short while
Then silence all around
But then once again loud and dismal
It screeches and the eaves are assaulted
Leaving abruptly
The rain is alone...

Sunday, January 10, 2010


I want to write but as of yet have no idea what to write about. The whole space reduction crusade has been placed on the back burner this weekend... I finally had my hair done today, it was looking quite scary... I think I may look younger now. I could write about why I love vampires, except I don't really know. BLAH. Hmmm... I could write about how much I hate the state of California colleges. Except the budgetary problems that affect my being able to finish my degree in a timely manner isn't really their fault. I could write about my husband but he wouldn't like that... I could write about my beautiful and "advanced" little girl but that would be to mommyish of me. I could write about how excited I am for a new hTc Android based phone in the coming months but that would be redundant. So, I can write about nothing at all.

Friday, January 8, 2010


Can it be fate? Have the cosmos heard my cry for a new phone and answered? Only a day after my last post about the injustice of my carrier not offering phones with the Android platform did AT&T announce that they are going to launch not one but five Android phones this year! What are the odds? I suppose in truth I must not have been the only AT&T user upset by their lack of keeping up with the times. Don't get me wrong, the iPhone is great but it was launched two years ago! That is a terribly long time when it comes to technology. So, I am currently doing the happy dance and saving my munnies in anticipation for my purchase of a new phone in the months to come.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010


I hate it when I am bored. It's such a monumental waste of precious time. More than bored I think i'm just lonely. The husband is at work and the baby is sleeping. I've been trolling the internet but... I guess I shall just type here aimlessly for a bit and see where it leads. Sort of free writing if you will. Hmmm, (tick tock tick tock). I want a new phone. Currently I have an iPhone, which I really do love. What did we ever do before smart phones? I utilize mine constantly. So, why do I want a new and different phone? Well frankly I'm bored of it (so spoiled)... I have become really interested in these new hTc phones with the Android OS but alas the only ones my server carries are Windows based and I have recently learned that as an iPhone user I would find Windows incredibly slow and limiting. Oh the injustice.

La Di Da Di Da

There is nothing like a great film or book and a glass of wine on an evening home with my little girl.