Tuesday, January 19, 2010


i am all of the versions of me

i am a romantic and hopeless

i yearn for the world

i imagine that i live in another time

i am a traveler of the imagination

i am all of the versions of me

i am a lover of the cold and the gloom

i am a woman lost in the dreams of a child

i wait with baited breath for my future

i dream of travels i have not gone on

I am a lover of language

I am all of the versions of me

i am frightened while hopefull

i am all and nothing of what i yearn to be

i love the hours that i still posess

i regret time that has been lost

i am young and old

i am all of the versions of me

i am a devourer of books

i am a woman trapped in the wrong century

i have an old soul

i long for those i have lost

i am at times wreckless with abandon

i am all of the versions of me


The wind sounds mythical and dark
It whooshes and weaves
Wind and rain are assailing and present
The wind screams in and about then leaves
Only the rain to be heard for a short while
Then silence all around
But then once again loud and dismal
It screeches and the eaves are assaulted
Leaving abruptly
The rain is alone...

Sunday, January 10, 2010


I want to write but as of yet have no idea what to write about. The whole space reduction crusade has been placed on the back burner this weekend... I finally had my hair done today, it was looking quite scary... I think I may look younger now. I could write about why I love vampires, except I don't really know. BLAH. Hmmm... I could write about how much I hate the state of California colleges. Except the budgetary problems that affect my being able to finish my degree in a timely manner isn't really their fault. I could write about my husband but he wouldn't like that... I could write about my beautiful and "advanced" little girl but that would be to mommyish of me. I could write about how excited I am for a new hTc Android based phone in the coming months but that would be redundant. So, I can write about nothing at all.

Friday, January 8, 2010


Can it be fate? Have the cosmos heard my cry for a new phone and answered? Only a day after my last post about the injustice of my carrier not offering phones with the Android platform did AT&T announce that they are going to launch not one but five Android phones this year! What are the odds? I suppose in truth I must not have been the only AT&T user upset by their lack of keeping up with the times. Don't get me wrong, the iPhone is great but it was launched two years ago! That is a terribly long time when it comes to technology. So, I am currently doing the happy dance and saving my munnies in anticipation for my purchase of a new phone in the months to come.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010


I hate it when I am bored. It's such a monumental waste of precious time. More than bored I think i'm just lonely. The husband is at work and the baby is sleeping. I've been trolling the internet but... I guess I shall just type here aimlessly for a bit and see where it leads. Sort of free writing if you will. Hmmm, (tick tock tick tock). I want a new phone. Currently I have an iPhone, which I really do love. What did we ever do before smart phones? I utilize mine constantly. So, why do I want a new and different phone? Well frankly I'm bored of it (so spoiled)... I have become really interested in these new hTc phones with the Android OS but alas the only ones my server carries are Windows based and I have recently learned that as an iPhone user I would find Windows incredibly slow and limiting. Oh the injustice.

La Di Da Di Da

There is nothing like a great film or book and a glass of wine on an evening home with my little girl.