Monday, May 16, 2011

A Summer Full Of Mail

As of tomorrow I am officially done with this semester of school!!! Which means that Blogging, Mail, Literature, Photography and Feathering My New Nest are on my new agenda. As a start I hope to be participating in...

Random Notes of Kindness

Lauren Fister's Random Notes of Kindness is a project to collect and distribute hand generated notes of kindness through the use of social media. There is a blog component where can view a few of the notes that she's received. The way it works is:
Step 1: Create a Note of Kindness. The note can be written, drawn, doodled, photographed etc. The note must be "kind," i.e. convey a message evoking a positive or uplifting sentiment.
The Note must be able to fit into an envelope which costs 44 cents or less to mail within the United States. If outside of the US please include proper postage.
Step 2: On a separate piece of paper include your name and address. Your name and address is kept strictly confidential and your identity shall remain anonymous. Mail this with your "Kindness Note" along with a 44 cent stamp to:
Random Notes of Kindness
Care of Lauren Fister
PO BOX 614
Norwalk, CT 06856 - 0614
Step 3: You will then receive a Random Note of Kindness from another kind, creative person! Average time to receive a Note is 2-4 weeks, although times may vary. You may also request to only send along your Note and not receive any Note in return. (We do hope you'll say yes, however and allow the kindness to circle back to you!)
Step 4: That's it, actually. No more steps. Easy as pie.
Write more *kind* letters,

This lovely ideas was posted today on the LWA website. I think it is a fantastic idea!!! You can read more about this and other fantastic mail related tidbits on their website. Just click their link under my *Click Please* section.

Which reminds me. I owe my pen-pal, my co worker and a long time family friend of my grandparents each a letter!!!

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Friday, May 13, 2011

Photos For The Fair

So. A few short months ago I greedily purchased a Sony DSLR camera. Which I am completely in love with and have just begun to actually use. So far I am really loving the photos I have captured with it and thanks to compliments and urgings I have decided to enter some in this years Ventura County Fair!

Here are two of my will be entries.

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