Tuesday, November 23, 2010

It's Been So Long!

Well, thanks in part to insane work stress, the ending of my first semester at CSUCI and malaria (or a severe throat infection). Sadly my blog and daily mailings have suffered!!! But. I have a four day weekend including turkey day and school is over for a bit soon! Alas I shall have more time for me. Here are a few emergency postcards I put together to send out!

I just had a great idea for the next Twilight Moms exchange. It's a gift exchange and I am going to combine my love for making gifts and my love for stationery. I am going to make Twilight post cards!!! And jewelry. Isn't that fantastic? I'm excited.

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Friday, November 19, 2010

Anxiety and Mail

Strange. For some reason as my left thumb hits my iphone keys it tingles... Anywho. So I am anxious! It's already dark and I am home alone and it feels much later than it actually is. I feel my day slipping away. I am also anxious for the uploading of Hillywoods new Eclipse Parody!!! I keep checking and being disappointed. Yes, I am aware that I am a dork. As for mail I am on track for my Letter a Day attempt. This is day three and fours missives.

This is the pretty little piece I sent my friend Unchie. It is part of the stationery kit I bought from Paper Cuts Etsy shop!!!

On a very happy note another one of my paper parcels delivery has been confirmed!!! Samara from Letter Lover posted a lovely thank you on her blog to me! I was so excited when I did my weekly check on her blog to find it!!!

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Monday, November 8, 2010

Just a quickie!!!

Haha. So day one for my mail challenge went off without a hitch. I was in Trader Joes the other evening and saw my bestie Fancy Nancy's favorite candy, Gummy Tummies. They are gummy penguins with tummies filled with juicy, fruity goo. So I slapped a label and some stamps and sent them on their way.

The second letter is to a Twimom who was forgotten in Octobers' exchange and I am valiantly stepping in and sending her a late one. I love doing stuff like this!!! I hope it makes them feel as warm and fuzzy as it does me.

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Friday, November 5, 2010

Tomorrow is Tomorrow

I am going to start my daily letter experiment first thing tomorrow. I have already compiled a list of about forty recipients! This should be fun. I think it will also be a lot of work but I look forward to the challenge and the distraction.

On another mail note I received an amazing homemade postcard from my bestie Michelle who never writes me back. But I forgive her because it is the best postcard I have yet to receive!!!

Finally, on my drive home this evening I managed to take a pretty picture of the sunset and after a little photo magic I think I want to print a few for postcards! Hmmm...

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Wednesday, November 3, 2010

A New Project

So. I have a new project. Which will hopefully not only bring joy to others but also bring interesting mail to my mailbox!

The premise is pretty self explanatory but I will attempt to write and mail a letter a day to any and all recipients I can think of!!! If anyone is interested on receiving one just email me your address.


I don't have an end date or time frame so we shall see. I think I want to do it until I complete my personal task of downsizing the amount of space I take up on this planet. So, at least through the new year.

I will post pictures of letters sent and received. Maybe I'll even make a zine after I'm done that people can have. Super exciting!!!

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Ramblings of A Bored Student

I am currently sitting in my Major British Authors English Lit Class deciding whether or not I feel like paying attention... How amazing is it that I can blog from my phone, in class!!! (sigh) technology. I am thoroughly disappointed in the fact that my new day planner doesn't begin until the first of January... I still have to decide if I want to use the Wizard of Oz one or the 50's housewife one. Decisions, decisions. Blah. Ok it's time to
join the class discussion!

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