Monday, August 29, 2011

I Just Had the Best Idea!

I am going to create a letter. A letter that will get passed along to strangers and (fingers crossed) eventually returned back to me!!!

Hopefully I'll get to know some people around the world that I wouldn't of had the pleasure of normally and maybe even end up with a few pen pals! I've got some planning to do... Yippee!

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Sunday, August 28, 2011

Random, Extra Long,

Lunch Break Boredom Induced Post! Lol.

I am bored... I really shouldn't have taken my emergency mail kit out of my purse... I carry it nearly all the time and rarely get to use it and now I wish I had it!!!

Oh. So I just discovered this amazing site called

It's a bit like Zazzle but they make custom business cards and stickers!!! I have ordered a set of return address labels that include my blog name, shop address and my face on them!!! Super neat. I also made and ordered 1 1/2 inch circle stickers that say "Do NOT Bend" and "Fragile". I used pictures of cameras and bird eggs for them. Super fun. Now I can stick them on everything!!! Muahahhahahha. I didn't order any business cards because I still have a ton but hopefully I'll give those all away and need to design some new ones soon.

I also have decided that I need to reshoot
the pictures for my shop goodies. They just aren't up to snuff. They need to be done with no clutter and lots of natural light. Maybe a project I can squeeze in tomorrow???

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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Another Twilight Mom Exchange!

I love these exchanges. I wish there were a lot more clubs to join that did them!!! Actually I have really been meaning to check out Swap Bot. It's a whole website dedicated to swaps. But they're a lot of work and you can't be lazy because then the other participants miss out. Here are my latest TM Card Exchange submissions! Sooo fun.

I included a handmade card featuring a vampire-ized picture of the actor playing the part of Benjamin, Maggie or Charlotte from Breaking Dawn. A vampire fang notepad. A handmade Vampire themed Glitter Tag and some Twilight stickers I made. Yippee!
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Sunday, August 21, 2011

New Items Already In The Shop!

So I have been very busy today playing with GLITTER! I have designed some super fun Tags to put in my Shop for sale. I almost don't want to part with them because once they're gone that's it! I have a Halloween themed sat, an Autumn themed set, an I Love Lucy Set (which I really love) and a Candy Land set. They are so fun looking and the glitter is sooo sparkly. Super Girly yes but super pretty. I think I am obsessed with the word super right now... Anyways I am having a ton of fun and hopefully will have even more sets to load up in just a bit!

The Day Has Finally Arrived!

My Etsy Shop had officially Opened! Now to get busy trying to make it really work this time. Ta Ta for now!

Friday, August 19, 2011

The Time has Almost Arrived!

Yesterday was a very busy and productive day! I was able to finish sprucing the Journals for my Etsy shop and got them photographed, loaded and listed! Now all I have to do is officially open up shop. I have a little networking to do before I am officially in business. I follow so many lovely Blogs and these great creative quirky women almost all have really successful amazing Blogs and Etsy shops or the like. I am going to reach out to them for a little tidbit of friendly advice about how they have become so gosh darn successful! Hopefully I wont be annoying them. I would feel terrible. We shall see! Phase one is almost complete! Phase two will be launching soon... Here is a little preview of whats in the Shop!

All of the Journals are hand decorated by me! Every few pages have ephemera or rubber stamping added. Most of the themes are nature related and one is filled with added pages of stationery from my personal collection! They are all leather (one recycled) and all high quality. I hope people order them to fill their pages with tales of their adventures!

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

A Busy Exciting Week!!!

Where or where to begin. First this week was my 28th Birthday!!! I had such a lovely time out with my husband. We went to Solvang and to Chumash for a little innocent gambling. Didn't bring any money home but it was a grand time. I received an
Amazing Papasan Chair with a big Red Cushion from the hubby and In laws and while in Solvang I purchased my very first Cuckoo Clock! The picture makes it look huge but it's a bit small. About eight by six. I love it!!! I can set it to Cuckoo or to chime Westminster Bells. I think I'll have a whole collection eventually!

I also got some fun stuff in the mail this week. Some amazing Washi Tape which is Japanese style decorated masking tape and a great and unexpected thank you letter from the gals at the LWA for ordering my member bag a few weeks ago. So nice to receive a handwritten message versus an email!

Thirdly I am officially (hopefully) reopening my Etsy Shop tomorrow!!! In it will go about eight of my upcycled hand decorated journals. I can't wait to get everything set up and launched!!! I need to get to networking pronto!

And finally, I will be posting pics of my completed Twilight Mom Card Exchange submissions. I hope the three lucky recipients like them. I haven't quite figured out what I'll be making but I know it will be fun. The theme is an International Vampire Coven Picnic. Gotta get the old creative juices flowing. To Be Continued!

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Wednesday, August 10, 2011

A Quick Trip

To the Post Office!

Where I mailed off my iPhone 3G to it's lucky new owner. And where I also discovered the APC! Which stands for Automated Postal Center. It is an electronic ATM of sorts for mail! You weigh your package. Choose your shipping method and off it goes. You can even buy stamps! I am definitely using it from now on. It's available 24 hours a day! Perfect for us crazy mail lovers who have busy day time schedules.
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Monday, August 1, 2011

Journaling & A Little Mail

Today I started a new journal! After conquering my expensive journal habit I found an amazing leafy green leather journal cover! And I happen to love Barnes and Nobles refills. They come with the cream colored paper that I love. The pages are the perfect weight and have great line spacing. Plus the outsides are simple craft brown with journal scribed in the middle.
I love using my Polaroid insta camera to take pics that I can add right in on the fly!!! Such wonderful touches to help describe a moment in time.

I mailed off these awesome oversized postcards. I hope the recipients received them! They are from a super cool old set that are reprints of old book
covers from the 1920's. Some are pretty racy. I purchased them from a used book store. The inside front jacket had a note to a girl on the day of her graduation. It was dated 1996, so neat! I love that they have a history and a previous life.

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