Friday, September 2, 2011

Wowie Zowie!!!

I never bother to check how many followers I have because my Blog is still in its infancy but I just glanced and saw that I have 10 followers!!! Woo hoo! That's six new followers this week! Haha, I'm easily pleased. I want to have enough followers so I can do giveaways. I love giving gifts! And spreading my addiction of stationery...

Sad mail day... I have so many lovely things on there way to me via the post office and I checked my mail box this evening after work to find it empty... Very sad. I have a feeling everything will come in a flurry all at once and I'll be overloaded! Which will be pleasant.

I also may have two new pen pals!!! I stumbled onto a lovely Blog called Penpal of the Week and she does weekly pen pal introductions. I messaged two of the gals and voila! A pen pal relationship is born. She also has an amazing Etsy shop filled with her own stationery creations. She is doing a generous downsizing of inventory and offering 50 assorted sheets of Stationery for five dollars!!! Such a steal. Of course I ordered a set and so I am impatiently awaiting for my mailman to deliver some goodies! A link to her Blog is under my Click Please list!

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  1. Awww, it's so nice to see a post (partly) about me! :D Thank you Sara! xox