Thursday, September 29, 2011

Exciting Busy-Ness in Fall!

I love Fall!!! I stumbled upon this great Blog called "Running with Scissors" a while back and really fell in love with the author. Janel is a wife and an art teacher who has been raising money for their adoption proceedings! One of the lovely ideas she has come up with is to offer Art Journaling Workshops for purchase in her Etsy shop! I had been contemplating purchasing an older one that had already been hosted and completed when all of a sudden Janel posted her newest class "I Will Fall For You". It is thirty days of lovely Fall journaling prompts and projects. There is an entire Blog created just for us to share and learn together on. This Blog is private so I will be posting picutres of my own creations here. Hopefully daily...

I have also received my first penpal response letter from Stephanie in France! I am taking my time responding back becasue I want it to be thoughtful and not rushed. I also have a first letter to write and send out to another prospective mail friend this week. So exciting!

To top this coming month off I have a Twilight Moms card exchange, many shop updates and I have received my acceptance email into the Package Project! There is a link to the right if your interested in taking a peek. I am going to be SOOO busy!!! But in fabulous ways. I LOVE FALL!!!

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  1. I'm glad my letter reached you ^^ Some of my mail has been lost in the USA lately, so I was a bit anxious. Have a nice week-end ^^ Here it's warm and sunny so we'll make the most of it before the weather starts getting cold again.