Monday, September 19, 2011

Busy, busy, busy!

So, school has begun yet again (I absolutely love Fall), my little girl had her second Birthday Party yesterday, I am on the hunt for new pen pals, writing a book, starting Weight Watchers... Sheesh!!! Well at least I'll be to busy to get into trouble! This week i am going to get that letter project started. Would it be rude to just ship it off to somebody and hope for the best? Or shall I simply look for people who want to be involved on Swapbot? I kind of like the randomness of just sending it off hoping for the best. Hmmm... What is a gal obsessed with mail to do???

Oh, I also want to start a little local mail club here in Ventura County. I always am incredibly jealous when I see the monthly meeting posts over at the Letter Writers Alliance wishing I could join in... Sadly they are halfway across the country! I should message Donovan at the LWA and see if she is in contact with any locals here who would be interested, wouldn't that just be fantastic??? Getting together with people a few hours a month to share and write together. Sounds like one room to be found in my personal heaven. Well, I guess I just added a bit more to my To Do List! I'll try to make sure i'm posting daily as well!!!

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