Thursday, January 12, 2012

Thoughtful Journaling

So my last few journal pages have been about memories and not really anything going on my life right now. For some reason I prefer to write about the past more than the present. When I do write about the present it's usually cryptic and out of a need to purge unhappy feelings.

I know that I'm not the only person who prefers to journal when happy. I guess it's because I would rather have a happy record of my life rather than a depressing one. Though the entries involving the wrenching of ones soul are usually a better read later on...

I guess it's lucky that my journal will hopefully get a fair amount of both. A balanced record holding my life's story. Even if it's cryptic. Aren't mysteries the most fulfilling to read?!

Ps. The Blog Press App is working again! I prefer it over the Blogger one because all of the photos don't end up at the end of the post. I love that I can Blog from my iPhone! I almost never do it from my laptop. Funny huh? Cheers!!!

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  1. I totally agree. Last month I started a journal that's all about experiences from a few years ago. I find that I'm more objective when I'm looking back at the past!

  2. More objective is a great phrase! What do they say about hindsight vision being 20/20? Once your emotions have simmered you see things much more clearly. And the record about events ends up being much more truthful. If I only journaled when I was gloomy someone would commit me! Which actually might be fun...

  3. I wish I had only journaled when I was happy, sadly the only journal I've ever finished was written during a very hard time in my life. Reading it back it is hard to believe that I am that same person. With that said, writing it all down helped me let go.
    Journaling is so very personal at times!

  4. I've tried for years to do just writing journals and a few pages in I always ripped them out because of something dark I wrote about. So now I have a whole stack of those pages loose and tucked away. I find mixing the writing with the artsy stuff helps to keep my journaling more balanced now. Re reading those pages I am always surprised as well!!!