Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Here's the Stitch

I'm learning how to make the best journal ever! I stumbled last night upon an amazing woman named Mary Ann Moss. Her blog address is:


You can also find her in my CLICK PLEASE! section under Mary Ann Moss

She has as amazing blog about her worldly travels and her much too gorgeous visual art journals! She offers an online tutorial for her intensive class called Full Tilt Boogie which is how she describes her mood when shes in her crafting zone. I am only partially through week ones videos (there are four weeks) and not only am I totally hooked but I am fully confident that I can make beautiful journals like the one I just happily purchased from Debra (see yesterdays post).

Mary Ann's instructions are super easy to follow. She describes herself as a renegade book binder. She gives uber simple instructions through charming videos. She is super funny and sweet and she my kind of crafter, off the cuff! She doesn't measure or worry about precision or exactness. She revels in the uniqueness of mistakes in handmade items and passes along the knowledge that anything gone a miss can be fixed! Can you tell I'm excited?

So I will be lovingly using my new journal the second the beauty arrives but I will also be gathering and preparing to make my own. And I am SURE a few lovelies will end up in my shop these next few weeks. Happy binding!

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