Sunday, January 8, 2012


I absolutely love this new technique I
learned! It's a way to print photos onto scrapbook paper that enables the photo to look a bit old and it allows the underlying scrapbook print to show through! I picked up the idea from Mary Ann Moss. She's an AMAZING visual journaler whom I've recently come to adore.

All you do is take a piece of scrapbook paper. You then take Gesso or any other acrylic gel medium and apply it to the page. An opaque one works best but all I had at home was a transparent gloss so I mixed it with white acrylic paint and it worked wonderfully.

Next all you have to do is choose an image to print and after the Gesso is fully dry run it through your printer. My printer didn't seem to have any problems at all. But make sure it's 100% dry and not still tacky or sticky. Mine only took about five minutes.

I LOVE how they turned out and pages like these are definitely going into my journals I'm making for the shop!!!

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