Friday, August 19, 2011

The Time has Almost Arrived!

Yesterday was a very busy and productive day! I was able to finish sprucing the Journals for my Etsy shop and got them photographed, loaded and listed! Now all I have to do is officially open up shop. I have a little networking to do before I am officially in business. I follow so many lovely Blogs and these great creative quirky women almost all have really successful amazing Blogs and Etsy shops or the like. I am going to reach out to them for a little tidbit of friendly advice about how they have become so gosh darn successful! Hopefully I wont be annoying them. I would feel terrible. We shall see! Phase one is almost complete! Phase two will be launching soon... Here is a little preview of whats in the Shop!

All of the Journals are hand decorated by me! Every few pages have ephemera or rubber stamping added. Most of the themes are nature related and one is filled with added pages of stationery from my personal collection! They are all leather (one recycled) and all high quality. I hope people order them to fill their pages with tales of their adventures!

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