Wednesday, August 17, 2011

A Busy Exciting Week!!!

Where or where to begin. First this week was my 28th Birthday!!! I had such a lovely time out with my husband. We went to Solvang and to Chumash for a little innocent gambling. Didn't bring any money home but it was a grand time. I received an
Amazing Papasan Chair with a big Red Cushion from the hubby and In laws and while in Solvang I purchased my very first Cuckoo Clock! The picture makes it look huge but it's a bit small. About eight by six. I love it!!! I can set it to Cuckoo or to chime Westminster Bells. I think I'll have a whole collection eventually!

I also got some fun stuff in the mail this week. Some amazing Washi Tape which is Japanese style decorated masking tape and a great and unexpected thank you letter from the gals at the LWA for ordering my member bag a few weeks ago. So nice to receive a handwritten message versus an email!

Thirdly I am officially (hopefully) reopening my Etsy Shop tomorrow!!! In it will go about eight of my upcycled hand decorated journals. I can't wait to get everything set up and launched!!! I need to get to networking pronto!

And finally, I will be posting pics of my completed Twilight Mom Card Exchange submissions. I hope the three lucky recipients like them. I haven't quite figured out what I'll be making but I know it will be fun. The theme is an International Vampire Coven Picnic. Gotta get the old creative juices flowing. To Be Continued!

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