Sunday, July 17, 2011

New Missive Supplies

Yippee! I have fun new postcards to craft with and write letters on. Very exciting. Sure. I needed more stationery like I need more cavities but what's the harm in something simple that brings you and others so much joy? That's right. Nothing!!!

On another note I have also (finally) started journaling. And this one is going to stick! I'm not making any rules about this journals content or form. What goes in goes in. And I'm trying to make sure that it's alot!!!

Tomorrow is officially move in day! I can't wait to be all settled in our new home. It's a bit bigger. Newer. And Winnie will have her own room. I've been shopping for housewarming bits in anticipation for months. It's taken so long to actually get to move in day that going through the things I have purchased will be like opening Christmas presents!!!

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