Thursday, July 7, 2011

A Lovely News Paper Clipping

I am having a lovely lazy morning. It started with hopping out of bed to steal a few quiet moments journaling before the Bubbykins awoke and turned into me taking some time to catch up on reading my Favourite Blogs whilst Fraggle Rock plays in the background. While perusing I came across a lovey article about taking the time to write letters. It outlines the simple but beautiful reasons why I love to write and receive post. Letters just make you happy, it doesn't matter their content. The intent and thought is what makes receiving mail a soul reviving experience. Letters are about sharing and sharing always helps one feel connected to others. I attempted to post it here but the image size wouldn't cooperate! So simply visit "Make Every Day a Good Mail Day" under my CLICK PLEASE! You wont regret it! Its a lovely Blog.

P.S. I have recently Acquired some lovely new postcards. Pictures to follow soon! And I also have some more on their way via the Post . Stay tuned!

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