Thursday, August 19, 2010

Yesterdays Mailings Todays Arrivals

So, recently I have been sending quite a lot of mail. And while I haven't received as much back as I have sent I have received more than ever before! Yesterday I sent out two postcrossing postcards. One to the Netherlands and one to Finland. I also sent out my request to the LWA for an aerogramme. An aerogramme is an airmail letter written on a single sheet of lightweight paper that folds up to form an envelope. It was originally used because it was cheaper to send overseas during the war. It is basically what we call fold and mail these days which is still a little rare. I myself am the very proud owner of Star Trek fold and mail stationery!

I have also recently mailed out my very first letter to my very first pen pal! We shall see how that goes. I requested the pen pal through the LWA so I am very excited to hear back. I basically just chatted a bit about myself. What else would you write about to a stranger? The letter is very neat looking. I lifted this passport book from the Chumash Casino that had little advertisements in it. I removed the adds and replaced them with the writing paper for my letter. I wonder what she will think when she opens the envelope? She doesn't know I have been given her address for a pen pal and I am sure she isn't expecting a letter like the one I have sent!

Today to my pleasant surprise I received not one but two cards from my Twilight Mom's card exchange. Both were very well done and I was very happy to have received them! Gosh... Sadly I am not expecting too much more via snail mail in these next few days. I suppose I will have to be even more proactive with mailing to others because I recently read that you have to send mail to receive mail!!!

P.S. I have also "started" getting my Christmas cards together. Yes it is still August but you see every year I have grand visions of sending out these amazing cards filled with "sugarplums" and what happens? Well, just ask the good people in my life if they have ever received a Christmas greeting from me in the mail... Shameful, I know.

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