Sunday, August 15, 2010

Ramblings about my new iPhone 4, Bass Lake and MAIL!!!

First of all I love my new phone. If anyone is considering buying one I highly recommend it!!! The camera is amazing, the screen a thing of beauty.

Bass Lake was beautiful as usual though a lot more work and less relaxation this time around with the little one. I wouldn't trade it for anything though.

Well I have officially kept the postcard business booming in the Sierra National Forrest. I purchased thirty-eight standard cards, three panoramic and five wooden ones. I have to say that I am very excited about sending wooden postcards!!! I have also been very diligent with my Post-crossing endeavor. I have once again reached my allotment for now and currently have five postcards travelling the world in search of their recipient.

My TM card exchange for August is also going well. Three out of my four recipients have already messaged back with many thanks and Twilight love. I have received one so far and am eagerly awaiting my other three! Whose ever idea it was to start a card exchange was a genius. It is now something I eagerly await for.

I officially became a member of the LWA (Letter writers Alliance). Upon my arrival home from vacation I found my membership card in the mail. And what a cute package!!! I also received an official LWA badge.


  1. I was just mentioning to my friends recently that writing (and much less letter writing) is a dying art with e-mail, e-vites, and other modern conveniences. But nothing really compares to receiving an actual card or letter- something that's tangible and something that you know had to have had some time invested into it, making it even more special and personal. Snail mail may not always be the best option but in this respect, it is.

  2. I am single handedly trying to revive that dying art!!! Haha, I love to send and receive mail.