Sunday, August 22, 2010

It's a Sign!

So, this very evening as I sat browsing the plethora of mail art online I was reminded of my love for typewriters.

My grandmother had one and if my memory is correct it was one of those old models that was a pale green and was "portable" though it took up an entire suitcase and you needed a pack mule and a cowboy to haul it for you.

I always admired this typewriter. My favorite game was to play office. My grandmother had this big old heavy desk that I would spend hours at reorganizing my desk tools, paper, pens, etc. Little did I know that this game would turn into a mail/stationery obsession. I loved the way the typewriter sounded, so loud and mechanical, almost foreboding but strangely relaxing. I also liked the quirky little errors that were special to just that machine. I loved that when you made errors you could fix them but they were never really gone, they always made their "once upon a time" presence known.

Sorry. I almost forgot my point! So this evening I decided that with all my "one dollar bill hoarding riches" I would purchase myself a portable typewriter. I mentioned my grand plan to my dear husband and let's just say he wasn't enthusiastic. He thinks I'll tire of it quickly and that it can't do anything my laptop can. Except, print on the go. And it can because it is portable and ways a mere ten pounds (sadly no cowboy needed) which is less than the laptop I bought after high school. Back to the sign. I was putting a letter together and pulled a random sheet of ephemera ads to use as decoration. I started to cut apart said ads and realize that the page I grabbed from the 200 page stack was an advertisement for vintage typewriters!!! What are the odds???

Therefore I am currently not so patiently waiting for the arrival of my "fancy schmancy oh so portable" typewriter which should arrive on my doorstep this very next Wednesday!!! Can you tell I am excited? It isn't vintage like I would have loved but I just didn't want to deal with the heartbreak of finding one that ended up not working or one that you could no longer fix or find supplies for. So it is a shiny modern one instead. I wont hold it against it though...

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