Thursday, December 15, 2011

Lovely Package

I received my first package exchange gift last night!!! Sigh. It's absolutely lovely. My exchange partner was Sarah from

Isn't it silly that two Sara's were matched up? Even odder... I knew someone in high school by her exact first and last name!!! (shivers dramatically). Any who back to the lovely goodies I received. Sarah was generous and sent me a lot of fun paper treats. Two note card sets with gold envelopes made me smile with glee. Two types of scrapbook paper. Some washi tape and divine twine (which I kept wanting to buy and hadn't yet)! Some gorgeous velvet ribbon and craft stickers. Oh. And the best odd bit was the mini burlap bag!!! I love that it has an image of an Amish horse cart and that it once contained Amish popcorn. How neat!!!!!! Sarah has a lovely Blog and everyone should pop over and check her out.


  1. Oh my gosh, that looks stunning!

  2. It really was! And I had such fun using the goodies.