Monday, December 12, 2011

Handmade Hardcover Journals

Well by golly I've finally done it!!! I've made my first Hardcover Journals. And they're great! These are basically the same as my Twilight Journals. They have personalized lined pages, journal prompts, quotes and scrapbook paper all bound with binder rings so the owner can reorganize, add and take out as she pleases. But these have hard cardboard covers! The blueish peacock feather one I'm keeping and the red one is for a friend. I'd like to put some in my shop but there are so many fabulous journals already on Etsy I'm not sure if anyone would bother. These are super durable, pretty and easy to make!!! I think I want to spruce up the covers even more though... Hmmm.


  1. Thanks! I think I'm gonna make a third one for my mother in law. They're so fun and easy.