Sunday, January 10, 2010


I want to write but as of yet have no idea what to write about. The whole space reduction crusade has been placed on the back burner this weekend... I finally had my hair done today, it was looking quite scary... I think I may look younger now. I could write about why I love vampires, except I don't really know. BLAH. Hmmm... I could write about how much I hate the state of California colleges. Except the budgetary problems that affect my being able to finish my degree in a timely manner isn't really their fault. I could write about my husband but he wouldn't like that... I could write about my beautiful and "advanced" little girl but that would be to mommyish of me. I could write about how excited I am for a new hTc Android based phone in the coming months but that would be redundant. So, I can write about nothing at all.


  1. Maybe start a daily segment about a famous or "should be famous" quote. I <3 quotes

  2. "advanced" little girl? Is she like you, and soon be talking and talking and talking? Let's hear about what you are reading or would like to read. How about your court experience?