Tuesday, January 5, 2010


I hate it when I am bored. It's such a monumental waste of precious time. More than bored I think i'm just lonely. The husband is at work and the baby is sleeping. I've been trolling the internet but... I guess I shall just type here aimlessly for a bit and see where it leads. Sort of free writing if you will. Hmmm, (tick tock tick tock). I want a new phone. Currently I have an iPhone, which I really do love. What did we ever do before smart phones? I utilize mine constantly. So, why do I want a new and different phone? Well frankly I'm bored of it (so spoiled)... I have become really interested in these new hTc phones with the Android OS but alas the only ones my server carries are Windows based and I have recently learned that as an iPhone user I would find Windows incredibly slow and limiting. Oh the injustice.

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