Friday, February 17, 2012

Ive Been A Good Girl

I have been working in my hand bound crazy mish mosh of a journal for a month and a half now. I have over twenty entries!!! I've allowed myself to doodle! I haven't re-read any entries or removed any. This is unheard of in the land of Sara. I've never kept a journal this long. This well. That's felt this liberating!

Before when trying to journal I would find the "perfect" journal. Usually leather and expensive so I could convince myself I had to write in it because I'd spent all that lovely money on it. Three or so entries in and I would hate what I had written or how my penmanship looked. And the journal would be abandoned. I repeated this cycle so many times I should buy Barnes and Noble stock!

I think the general madness and randomness of this journals construction has finally freed me! Silly I know. But it's true I tell you.

Some of the paper that's in this thing I really don't like. So I just cover it up! And I really love the occasional ledger paper I find in it. It's great for wackado entries that go in all different directions. Anywho. I suppose this post is long enough.

Here are my most recent pages!

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