Sunday, November 6, 2011

A Page In Progress

I really love building a page. I tend to start with one item and then just add around it. This page had an image of a coffe cup with arms on the sides and it said "stronger than you think". I absolutely hated the picture so I covered it with the trees.

I walked away and now hours later I've started pulling buttons that mirror the colors of the trees and contrast the pages brown tone. I tend to work on a page throughout the day or even several days. I don't like to rush, but take my time.


  1. Looove your pages!!! You're so creative!
    I got your letter and I looove it! Thank you!

  2. Yayeee, I am so pleased that it got to you! Thanks for the compliment. I just do what feels visually comfortable... For some reason things have to be just right. I think I am way too much of a perfectionist. I like symmetry. I call it art fung sui. LOL